You and your team make a difference. We share your passion and look forward to helping you achieve your vision, mission, and future.

Expertise at Your Service – dependable consultants and engineers that work as your partners in IT and your business success
Cloud Hound understands the middle-stage of the organisational lifecycle. Some organisations are too small to hire a skilled employee for every job function, but not too large to have every base covered. Some have too few employees wearing too many hats as they try to cover all responsibilities. It is common for our best hospitality business owners to become distracted by the daily grind. Some experience role diffusion and even burnout.
Cloud Hound is here to solve your problems. Cloud Hound are generally 35% to 75% less than an average full time employee (FTE) and provide hands-on technical assistance, project management, and bridge staffing. Cloud Hound also provide service experiences enriched with management consulting, coaching, mentoring, and training.

Our support services will empower you and your organisation to fulfill your vision and mission.

What We Believe


Cloud Hound envision a world of fulfilled businesses who receive quality services from effective supportive organisations. Businesses employing professional well-trained staff with role-modeling exemplary ethics. Visionary employees who are loyal and motivated to meet organisational objectives.
We exist to help you achieve your goals. Our mission is to empower hospitality businesses to achieve results for their customers, their organisations, and business owners.
We believe great leaders serve best by investing in the development and well-being of others for the benefit of the common good. We believe that serving others is a privilege that demands stewardship, transparency, accountability, and exemplary ethics.

We embrace a servant leadership model that endeavours to empower others to achieve their goals, think with creativity and vision, and act with integrity and skill for the sake of all concerned.

Cloud Hound is at its best when:
  • Engaging in healthy relationships through listening, empathy, and respect for boundaries;
  • Stay aware of and responsive to the needs of others;
  • Persuade others with information, education, and service experiences;
  • Conceptualise the big picture, beginning with the end in mind;
  • Use foresight and intuitive thinking to predict consequences;
  • Build solutions and see barriers as opportunities;
  • Commit to the growth of people;
  • Delivering IT solutions to fit your business; and
  • You will be happy with our services and it is backed by a 100% guarantee.