Service Theory Matrix

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I understand you just want your computers to WORK & your CLOUD applications to work together so you get the information you need!

When talking to prospective new clients, we continually hear the following:

You and your employees use several cloud applications which means individuals have to manage numerous log ons. Applications generally require identical data input. For instance customer relationship management, email marketing, accounting, surveys, website opt in forms. Possibly you sell products or services from your website and the data has to be added to each application.

The problems

  • You have to manage numerous logins.
  • Cloud programs don’t work together.
  • You know you have the data but you are unable to extract useful information
  • Occasionally you discover duplicate records resulting in costly mistakes

Systems integration is about getting these programs to work together in turn avoiding costly transcription errors and lastly an ability to generate advantageous business reports.

However too really benefit a systems integrator needs to understand the business drivers for your industry. Why, your data by itself communicates little for example both Florence Nightingale and John Snow knew they had the evidence to prevent unnecessary deaths.

The problem they individually faced was how to convenience their peers. Florence Nightingale used , used . To turn your data into competitive advantage a systems integrator must understand your business.

IT companies come and go, but Cloud Hound backs up its service with 25 years of customer service experience. Established in 2004, Cloud Hound has built a reputation for honest, reliable and time sensitive service.

I understand clients rightly want to be treated with respect and without “geek speak”. You will never be made to feel “less than” or uncomfortable when I explain any solutions with you.

Cloud Hound provides cloud application integration, hands-on technical assistance, and project management. We also provide service experiences enriched with management consulting, coaching, mentoring, and training.

For many hospitality businesses, capacity and overhead costs can be prohibitive. From bookkeepers to operational staff, a full administration and resource development department can cost half million pounds or more per year. A senior-level full time employee (FTE) can cost £40k-£80k per year and even a mid-Level FTE can cost £25k-£50k per year. Cloud Hound is here to solve your problems and charges are generally 35% to 75% less than an average full time employee (FTE).

Our solutions are based on academic and real world experience. We only offer services that work and we focus on practice areas that make a difference, including: Cloud application integration, IT services, business consulting. Within these areas we offer:

  • Management consulting
  • Motivational coaching, mentoring, and general support
  • Training in Food and Beverage, technology, and administration
  • Facilitation services, team-building, and service experiences
  • Technical assistance and project management

You can outsource all or part of your administration to us, such as IT.

Quality support services help clients achieve results, such as:

  • Effective business governance and leadership
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Improved organisational structures with efficient systems and processes
  • Increased operational expertise from a capable & dedicated staff
  • Diverse sources of funding from informed and loyal supporters
  • Program results & growth

Cloud Hound offers outcome-based services that achieve lasting results.

Our mission is to empower hospitality businesses to achieve results. When our clients succeed, everyone benefits from:

  • Businesses providing high quality services
  • Businesses who practice exemplary ethics
  • Loyal stakeholder support
  • More professionals developing careers in the hospitality sector

We work toward these client outcomes that have the greatest positive impact for our clients.

We continually challenge ourselves to demonstrate our value with:

  • Expertise/ Knowledge, Skill, Ability (KSAs) for the work we undertake
  • Client service
  • Professional growth and development


We stay informed and involved by conducting ongoing assessments of the needs of business owners and hospitality organisations. Blogs & newsletters, whitepapers & articles, guest speaking, conference presentations and hosted workshops & groups all provide productive engagement activities that keep us informed and create opportunities to listen and review.

Our accountability is to our clients, ourselves, the sector we serve. Positive indicators that we are fulfilling our mission include:

  • Clients report a positive client engagement experience. Their needs are met. Our services are cost effective.
  • Repeat Business. Positive reports from clients are corroborated when those clients make additional service requests.
  • Referrals. Positive reports from clients are corroborated when clients provide a business reference and/or refer other organisations to us.
  • Consultants Report the client’s pressure points are addressed or relieved. There are measurable organisational improvements. There is an increase in expertise among the client’s managers.
  • Consultant Commitment. Positive consultant reports are corroborated when our growing network of subcontract professionals, express a successful experience and are committed and motivated to work with our clients.

Additional indicators include: Interest, positive feedback, and referrals from hospitality consultants and consulting firms; Feedback from interested individuals; and, Increased services provided to individuals.

What we do is an expression of who we are, especially our commitment to the growth and well-being of others for the common good. Positive impact indicators include:

  • Recognition of our expertise among clients and stakeholders
  • A trusted reputation among clients, peer organisations.
  • A broad referral base from a wide range of diverse sources
  • Increasing demand for our services

The success of our business is how we know we have a positive and valuable impact on our clients.