Aug 19
InfoPath Browser Form Template Publishing (Chapter 11)

​​An electronic form that is difficult to find or requires additional software to complete may result with users simply not using the form. Secondly your possible objective to reduce your back office administration costs may prove somewhat illusionary.

This presentation covers InfoPath template publishing to a SharePoint site. The benefits to users no additional software. Form filler simply uses their browser to source and submit the completed form. An additional benefit, automating back office administrative workflows can reduce organisational costs.


Publish template - 2:39 minutes
Publish form submit – 9:33 minutes
Republish form template – 13:36 minutes

​Having viewed this video you will be able to publish an InfoPath template form to SharePoint site.


Aug 08
Calculations & recalculating totals (Chapter 10)

​​This presentation covers InfoPath calculations for example I require a grand total field to cumulatively add the total drinks subtotal charges then display the grand total.

This functionality is important as form fillers are removed from the burden of finding their calculators. Making the process of form filling as painless as possible encourages user adoption and minimises input error.



Having viewed this video you will be able to configure InfoPath calculation.


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