Services to Organisations

The first step to getting your needs met is to define your desired outcome. Next reflect upon your current working processes and how operational practices and your culture will change. Doing so will help you decide the scope of services you require and the possible returns on investment. If you wish Cloud Hound can help you define your specific needs. We can do the work, guide the work or something in between. Every organisation is different.

  • Complete IT systems 25% to 75% less than traditional in-house servers.
  • Complete conferencing, screen sharing, and more.
  • Business Class Email with calendar, contacts and OneDrive.
  • Share files and folders with everyone, just a few, or just you.
  • Secure internal websites for management information and employee teams.
  • Shared calendars and tasks for managers, events or other projects.

Making your SharePoint solution compelling and user friendly is one of the key factors in successful adoption of your intranet or internet site.

In today’s project-centric work environment, the ability to coordinate various projects with distributed teams and make high-level strategic decisions based upon consolidated project progress, risk and resource usage information is critical. Many organisations today waste time and money relying on e-mail, spreadsheets and other manual processes when engaged in time sensitive, highly collaborative project activities.

The development opportunities available in SharePoint 2013 includes customising typical SharePoint components, building collaboration solutions, building SharePoint 2013 apps, building custom site templates, and adding custom look and feel to your SharePoint 2013 site.

Automation of content management and business processes can help free today’s busy professional from the time consuming but often trivial aspects of facilitating the flow of work within and between teams, and reduce time-wasting mistakes in capturing and using information from business processes.

Search capabilities and opportunities available in SharePoint 2013 covers such topics as content processing, continuous crawl, and working with metadata, working with queries, managed navigation and search administration.

Building digital forms in SharePoint 2013 can help minimise back office errors and release employees to undertake more profitable tasks. Examples business expenses, timesheets etc.

Business Forms

Managing records, to ensure end users adhere to compliance requirements, managing record declaration and retention can improve efficiencies. Cloud Hound can create and configure a records repository, using managed metadata to ensure regulatory compliance, using eDiscovery for documents and email.

Cloud Hound can help you develop SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence stack, deploying a SharePoint BI centre, configuring and managing Excel Services, using Report Builder, building Analysis Services cubes, Data Analysis Expression (DAX), and much more. For example linking Bing maps to your customer data to illustrate where your most profitable customer live

Developing project templates to plan, control and track projects using Project 2013 and SharePoint 2013 can delivery real financial benefits. Cloud Hound can help you define project schedule based on a project start or finish date; utilise relevant project calendar; identify tasks and dependencies; enter task estimates based on duration, work or resource; outline resources and specify task assignments; track project actuals against project baseline information; create relevant reports for stakeholders; and integrate with SharePoint 2013.

Optimising your metadata and analysing your data can empower you to make advantageous business decisions that may prove difficult for your competitors to replicate. In turn enabling you to charge and maintain a premium.

You and your employees probably use several cloud applications. Doubtless some data input is identical. For instance customer relationship management, email marketing, accounting, surveys, website opt in forms. Possibly you sell products or services from your website and the data has to be added to each application. The principal problems, programs don’t work together, numerous login’s duplicate records. Systems integration is about getting these programs to work together and minimising costly transcription errors.